Dynamic Water Physics

Easily Add Boats to Your UE4 Project

Add water physics to your Unreal Engine project

Based on powerful boat dynamics algorithm used in Just Cause 3

It just works

Pretentious quotes aside, this plugin will automatically determines the shape of your object using the mesh collision. Use any mesh with physics, no setup required.

The best algorithm is no good if it's too hard to use!

Powerful user interface

A great deal of attension has been put towards making the UI as intuitive as possible.

However it most certainly is not perfect, help me make it better?

Not your average marketplace junk

From the creator of Dynamic Thumbnail Generator and Actor Portrait.

Worked on multiple comercial physics games using Unreal Engine 4, such as Animal Super Squad, Two Cars Adopt a Baby, and Just Die Already.

And special thanks to Tobias Löf Melker for the many hours spent helping out with some of the more complicated maths for plugin.